More on R4 Cards

R4 Revolution or R4 DS or R4 Cards are rightly termed as the devices that have been specifically meant for Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DS or Nintendo Dsi. With the help of these you can play games, music, read books, etc. The R4 card is almost the same size as the regular Nintendo DS cartridge. If you look carefully you will find a slot at the back of the R4 card. You can insert one Micro SD card through this slot. The Micro SD card includes quite a few features like MP3's, firmware, games to name a few.

You will obtain a menu with your card no sooner than the booting process comes to a standstill. And guess what? With the help of this application you may choose anything and everything from games to multimedia. This isn't all; it also allows you to play the homebrew games. Additionally, you can also save your previous games with the help of this device.

The R4 cards were brought to the forefront by the R4i 3DS cards team. And guess what? This same group brought into the limelight the Nintendo DS R4 card. I still remember the year, it was 2007. You will notice a small slot at the top of the NDS R4 card. Do you know its purpose? Well, it has been designed for inserting the Micro SD card. A new card known as the R4v2 Card was introduced when the team members experienced some technical problems with the previous versions. Following, two more cards were introduced namely NDS R4 Card or R4 SDHC.

R4 DS Slot Suggestions

Many people still do not know the actual features of the R4 cards. For those who are new to the gaming world here are some FAQ'S that you should know about these cartridges and the gaming consoles.

1. If you have a Nintendo console then using a R4i cards is a shear necessity for you. This will amplify your experience. You can play and download more games, listen to music, watch movies, save your photographs and make your console a better thing.
2. The entire package of the R4 card is available for a small amount of fifty dollars. You can either buy it online or at near by games shop. These things are readily available and many people buy these products.
3. What you can do with these is you can store files of games as a dictionary in it and later use it in a better way. You can easily make a folder of these directories and sort them out in a nice way. This will make your future jobs easier.

Many people after using these cartridges always mention that how can a person get something so great in such a less price. The kind of quality this product produce to its customers is amazing. Many people even mentioned that they were able to download those games that are not permitted to be played on a Nintendo console. This made them wonder and feel happy because they were getting a lot more them they were promised. Since this R4 DS cards are very easy to use thus anyone can use it and enhance his/her gaming experience. These cards are available with no internal memory thus you have to buy a memory card micro SD for storing your games and other multimedia stuff.

4. You can also store your video, songs and movies in different files and folders. This cartridge makes you gaming console more efficient because it become compatible to play movies, songs and video on it. This enhances the gaming environment because you have an added feature of multimedia.
5. one advise for you is that you should regularly make a back up of your games in the hard drives in your computer this advise does not hints that your micro SD card may corrupt but it suggests you so that you can get back to a particular game from the same point from where you ended it. Soon it will become your habit to save games and in case you some how delete a particular game you will feel good because you have a copy of that game saved in the computer.
6. The next advice for you in this case is that it is not necessary to take out the slot of your R4 card from the console just because you want to add something in your memory card. What you can do instead of this is just pull out the memory card and save what you want to.

Nintendo R4 cards

If you ask a random person on the street to name a portable gaming console, they will most likely say Gameboy. Nintendo, the maker of Gameboy, has had such a strong hold over the portable gaming market that it has become synonymous with portable gaming. For many, the fact that Nintendo’s DS is the most widely sold portable game in the world is no small surprise.

With hundreds of games and half a dozen versions of its portable gaming console, Nintendo offers a lot of content. Despite this however, you can access even more user created content via third party means. What am I talking about you ask?

The R4 Card

Fitting into the slot of a Nintendo DS, the R4 card is similar to a blank slate, in that it has room for whatever you want to put on it. In addition, it is very good at speaking to and working with the Nintendo DS. This means that if you find a game you love on the Internet, you can use a R4 card to play it on your DS. In addition, programs have been made for you to play music, read e-books, and even watch movies from your DS! With all this versatility, it is hard to turn down getting an R4 Card.

The Problem

Back in 2010, there was a huge scare by companies that the R4 Card was being used to pirate games. In fact, the makers of the DS as well as some of the other leading companies attempted to pass legislation in many countries, even succeeding in Japan and the UK. The truth however was that despite all this fear, R4’s were being used for legal means, and their removal only signaled a loss of freedom on the part of the consumer.

The Solution

Thankfully, it is still legal to purchase R4’s online. So then, where should you buy them? has been a popular site for a long time. In addition, has had cards for sale for the past few years. If you are uncertain as to where to buy your R4 card from, check forums to see what people have to say. You are not the first person looking for a R4 card, and there is already a great deal of help out there. Just remember, if the deal seems to good to be true, assume that it is and search elsewhere.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract? Green coffee bean extract is one of the biggest weight loss crazes that has been gaining momentum ever since 2012. If you listen to the radio, watch TV, or use the internet, you’ve probably heard about its amazing weight reducing powers. It has been supported by scientific studies, and has been endorsed by popular television show celebrity, Dr. Oz. But what is it exactly?

They’re Coffee Beans

That’s right! They are actually just coffee beans. They are in fact the green beans that are used to make coffee. The only difference is that the beans used to make the coffee that you and I drink every day has been roasted, whereas green coffee beans have not gone through the roasting process.

Why Can’t I Just Drink a Bunch of Coffee?

So what is the hype about? If they are just coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet, why doesn’t the coffee I drink every day magically make me a size 2? There is an active ingredient in the green coffee beans called chlorogenic acid. This ingredient is also present to a much lesser degree in the coffee beverage, but the majority of it actually deteriorates during the roasting process. Once the chlorogenic acid gets to a certain temperature, it just begins to degrade. So the reason the green coffee bean extract works is the high level of chlorogenic acid still available in the structure of the bean.

Chlorogenic acids have been shown to have weight reducing properties because they prevent the body from absorbing fat. It also helps to aid your weight loss by increasing your metabolism so you can burn fat faster. Safety Concerns

The primary side effects of the green coffee bean extract have to do with the caffeine in the extract. You can mitigate these side effects by not taking in any other caffeine while you are using the green coffee bean extract and starting with a lower dosage before moving up to a higher dosage.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take green coffee bean extract. Anyone with blood sugar concerns should avoid taking the green coffee bean extract because it can have a disruptive impact on the blood sugar. Availability

Green coffee bean extract can easily be found online in a variety of dosages ranging from 200 to 1600 milligram capsules. The typical recommended dose is 400 mg capsules taken three times daily. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to start with a lower dose and work up to the recommended dose.

Mobile phone boosters – Adds convenience to daily communication

While you are engaged in an important business conversation and your call is disconnected because weak cell phone signal. It is really frustrating and causes irritation as well. Such issues can hamper your business. So, in order to avoid these issues cell phone signal booster is the ideal solution. These small devices help to increase the signal strength and helps you to continue your important business calls or with your loved ones.

While you are on an important call and the call is disconnected, it is really frustrating. The mobile phone signal boosters will amplify the mobile signal coverage area and also removes distortion and improves overall audio quality. The signal booster has the capability to increase the cell phone strength by 500%.

The main advantage of using mobile phone signal boosters is, it can work effectively even in remote locations having weak signals. Some of the most common issue caused due to weak signal is – static, fading and popping up of the audio network. There are more chances of mobile signal becoming weak while travelling. In such a case, cell phone signal boosters can be used to minimize the effects weak cell phone network/signal.

Types of cell phone boosters

The exact configuration of the cell phone depends on the make and model of the device. There are great varieties of mobile phone signal boosters available in the market which can suit the need of the cell phone models. Below are listed with some of the most common form of mobile signal boosters-

External kits

This kit is usually attached to the cell phone kit along with the small antenna. This antenna can be easily mounted on the cell. The presence of external boosters hasa much greater power. These mobile signal boosters are quite effective to use in cars as it can make use of vehicles energy into cell phone signals.

Internals models

These devices are just like paper size cards and it can be easily placed under the battery of the cell. These boosters are quite easy to install and it can be changed as per your convenience. This signal booster is quite effective within hugely populated areas.

Wireless boosters

The wireless boosters are the simple antenna boosters which are placed at important point either at home or office. The main purpose of using this type of mobile signal booster is to overcome signal distortions caused due to thick walls and signals can be received even in the basement as well.

zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Do you need an all-powerful mobile phone signal booster that is able to boost signals for an entire home or building? If so, you may want to look at the zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

Here are all the benefits of having the zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster: Boosts indoor cell phone coverage up to a whole house or building (up to 78 dB system gain) Higher quality signal for fewer dropped calls, better voice quality and faster data Compatible with voice and 3G/4G for all major carriers as well as LTE on the 704-746 MHz frequency Ideal for rural or isolated buildings

Boosts performance on iPhone™, Samsung™, Android™ and other phones and mobile devices Automatically operates at optimum gain – no manual adjustments needed Extends phone battery life - phone uses less power when the indoor signal is stronger Do-it-yourself setup – everything included

Designed in Silicon Valley – Made in North America

The zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster supports up to 4G LTE services from the 704-746 frequency range. If your service provider uses another frequency range, this mobile phone signal booster may not be for you. This mobile phone signal booster has a yagi-directional external antenna. This is perfect for people who are in rural areas and that are really far from their service provider’s cell tower.

It also boosts the signals of a variety of today’s mobile phones so you do not have to worry about the mobile phone compatibility. As for the installation, it is quite easy. It bears the same installation procedure as that of most mobile phone signal boosters out there on the market today. Everything you need to install the signal booster is included in the kit. Here are the things that you should expect when you order the zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster: Amplifier base unit

Indoor Antenna

Power Supply 50 ft. RG-6 Cable High-gain external Antenna Mounting hardware The first thing you need to do is mount the external antenna at the top of your house or building (preferably on the roof of the building). Next, make sure to point the yagi-directional antenna to where you can grasp good signals.

After that put the internal antenna and the included RG-6 Cables into their appropriate slots in the amplifier base unit. Power on the signal booster, wait for 3-5 minutes, and you’re good to go!

The beauty of the zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster is that you do not need to tweak any more settings. The amplifier will be the one to adjust the settings automatically to the best possible settings.

The zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster should last you a couple of years because all the materials and the making of the signal booster is done in the United States. zBoost as a company is also known for its high-quality and durable products.

The zBoost ZB585SL-CP Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a great mobile phone signal booster. With its unmatched range and signal boosting capabilities, you can never go wrong with the zBoost ZB585SL.

This mobile phone signal booster only costs $450.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

When Sony releases a new flagship mobile phone, they aim to release other counterparts that are either a shrink-down version of the phone or an upgrade to its specs.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. The Z3 Compact is a shrink-down version of the original flagship phone, but as with any other compact versions created by Sony, it doesn’t sacrifice on specs but it does lack some in other departments which we will talk about later in this article.

The Z3 compact sports what Sony calls the “Omnibalance” design. Basically, the philosophy behind this design is that however you grip your mobile phone, it should be comfortable even if you’re holding it for hours on end (like if you’re playing a movie, for example).

This Xperia Z3 variant weighs only 129g and it has an overall thickness of only 8.6mm. Couple that with the Omnibalance design, it is really comfortable to grip this mobile phone.

To ensure adequate protection to the front and the rear of the mobile phone, Sony opted to put Corning Gorilla Glass on both front and back panels. As you may have already known, Corning Gorilla Glass is a durable glass that is usually found in all premium mobile phones. The Sony Xperia line of mobile phones is proven to be dustproof and waterproof. For the mobile phone to have those features, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact comes with plastic flappers that cover certain ports of your phone. The phone is proven to be waterproof in that it can be submerged in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. I do not recommend submerging your mobile phone like that, but it just goes to show the durability of this handset. All of the buttons are situated at their usual placements like that of the original Xperia Z3, so if you’ve got a hold of the original flagship model, you would know where it is.

As previously mentioned, the Compact line of mobile phones from Sony doesn’t mean that the company sacrificed on the specs. In fact, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact also comes with the same Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor and the Adreno 330 GPU. This mobile phone, however, only comes with 2GB of RAM compared to the 3GB of RAM found in its bigger brother.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact’s screen is also quite good. In fact, the screen is coupled with Sony’s proprietary display technology found in most of their newer Bravia TVs. You are treated with a cutting-edge display that puts out vibrant colors, dynamic contrasts, and bright environments. Battery life is also better than other mobile phones in this price range. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact comes with a 2,600 MaH which should last you a respectable 8-10 hours of moderate to heavy use.

Probably the only gripe people have with the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is that its camera is a bit lackluster. Yes, it comes with a 20.7-megapixel sensor, but it doesn’t necessarily mean high-quality images.

It comes with the Exmor RS Sensor which allows you to take good photos even in low-lit environments. Unfortunately, the camera of this mobile phone is notorious for having blurry images from time to time. So if you’re looking for a mobile phone to take a lot of photos, you better keep this in mind if you’re planning to buy the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

Still, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is a good mobile phone offering from Sony. This mobile phone is pretty much worth a shot.

The Key to Losing Weight

Losing weight is a major endeavor for some. I’ve been overweight for the majority of my teenage years.
A lot of people would make fun of me because of my figure. But I resorted to too much stress eating to compensate for my insecurities. I ended up being miserable and there is much weight for me to carry (both physically and psychologically).

And then one day, I’ve decided that I will have none of it and I am going to do whatever it takes to lose weight. Believe me, the first few days, weeks, and months were hard. I cannot even fathom how hard it was because I just don’t want to remember the hardships I’ve been through. There were a lot of times that I just want to quit. It was just that hard. One day, I had another bout of stress eating but there was something that I watched on the TV. It was a personal fitness trainer and he uttered words that, to this day, still ring in my ears.

What did he say? Well, it is simple: “Dieting is hard but if you want to lose weight, you have to embrace the new lifestyle.” Those words still hold true to me to this day and I’ve lost a total of 80 lbs. I was 250 lbs at my biggest and I am now at a healthy 170 lbs. I am lean, I am muscular, and I’ve never felt better. I learned how to embrace my new lifestyle. And I do have to agree that dieting is hard, but like I’ve always said, being healthy and fitness, in general, should be a way of life and not just the end goal. By loving fitness, by loving a new lean body, I’ve come to terms with fitness. I was willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight. Don’t be like other people who are just on crash diets because we know that they are not effective. hoverboard pas cher ici.

Crash diets are diets that promise weight loss in a short amount of time, but they’re ineffective because they are almost impossible to do and you’re depriving yourself of food. What’s the best diet? I cannot really tell for the majority of people. Some diets work for others and some don’t. It is up to you to find out what works for you. So, the major point of this article is that if you want to lose weight, you have to embrace the fact that losing weight should be a lifestyle and not just an end goal. By doing so, you will accept whatever plans you need to do, no matter how hard they are, because you will know that you will be rewarded with a better and leaner physique. Furthermore, if you’re a person who loves stress eating, seek the counsel of friends and family instead.

Just remember, fitness is a way of life. Embrace the new lifestyle and I assure you, those pounds will surely get off and stay off from your body.

G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Prominent RAM manufacturer, G.Skill, is also venturing to other computer parts. They have since ventured into creating their own gaming mouse and their own gaming headset. So today, I am going to talk about their mechanical gaming keyboard.

The Mechanical gaming keyboard niche is already saturated, with both Razer and Corsair battling it out to see who is the best in the biz.

But, other competitors should not be overlooked as some of them have amazing features built-in that you may not find in other brands (like the aforementioned Razer and Corsair).

In this article, I will talk about the G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This is the first true mechanical gaming keyboard that G.Skill has released in the market.

Let me talk about the design first. The G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made of military-grade, brushed aluminum plate. This means that is premium enough that even when you accidentally drop the keyboard, it will still function 100%.

It not only tells you that the gaming keyboard is durable, it also allows you to marvel at its beauty because the brushed aluminum finish is just a pretty thing to watch.

On the top middle portion of the gaming keyboard, you will find the G.Skill logo. On the top left side, you will see the three profile switches, the Windows lock key, the LED backlight toggle, and a timer key which you can program to help remind yourself of something you need to do or some spell cooldowns and what have you.

On the left side of the gaming keyboard (next to the standard keys), lie the 6 programmable G-keys. You can have a total of 18 programmable keys (6 keys x 3 profiles) and all of that can be tweaked using the G.Skill software.

On the upper right side lie the dedicated media keys as well as a volume control toggle. This helps you control your media player by just pressing buttons on the keyboard.

Now, let’s talk about the main highlight of the keyboard: the mechanical switches. The G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard makes use of the Cherry MX Red Switches.

The company opted for Cherry MX Switches because they think that this is the best possible mechanical switch as of today. And, I do agree with them as I have tried other mechanical switches but I always go back to Cherry MX switches because of the tactile feel and durability.

The Cherry MX Reds are good for gaming as it only requires 45 grams of actuation force and it only has a 2mm travel distance; perfect for fast-twitch gaming.

The G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also has an N-key rollover feature which allows you to press multiple keys and all of them will register on the keyboard.

This mechanical gaming keyboard also comes with contoured keycaps and wrist rest to help you use the keyboard even for prolonged gaming sessions.

Lastly, the G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also comes with RGB lighting which you can configure using the G.Skill software.

Speaking of the software, the G.Skill proprietary program is not as robust as that of Corsair and Razer, but it is simple and intuitive enough for most use case scenarios.

The G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a true contender and if you’re looking for a gaming keyboard, this one is a good choice.